Self-medication products

Self-medication products

Each medicinal product and its package size is specified a prescription status that indicates whether the medicinal product can be supplied without a prescription, and what is the maximum package size that can be bought without prescription. Medicines sold without a prescription are called over-the-counter drugs or OTC drugs.

Over-the-counter products are sold without a prescription.

Fimea has created a National OTC medicines programme that contains detailed information about the goals and requirements of Finnish self-medication, and a description of the development that has led to the current range of OTC drugs.

Users can search for over-the-counter products in FimeaWeb with their chosen criteria, such as the active substance, the product name or change of status. FimeaWeb also facilitates the compiling of various lists.

FimeaWeb allows users to search for such things as prescription status changes or granted marketing authorisations for a specific period of time.

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