Patient advisory board

Patient advisory board

Fimea launched the operation of a patient advisory board in spring 2020.

The advisory board’s operation is aimed at:

  • to incorporate patient perspectives in official duties and to make it possible to take them into account in Fimea’s operation,
  • to establish direct communication between Fimea and patient and disability organisations and to strength the flow of information between them,
  • to increase the transparency of regulatory operations and awareness of them, and
  • to increase expert communication and reliable information

The matters discussed by the patient advisory board in its meetings are related to Fimea’s operations and tasks. The topics of the meetings are planned jointly according to the wishes and needs of Fimea’s officials and the members of the advisory board.

Term of the patient advisory board

The patient advisory board serves a term of two years at a time. The call for applications to the advisory board is opened every two years in September. The intention is to change approximately one third of the board members at two-year intervals. This way new organisations will also have the opportunity to participate in the work of the advisory board.

The following patient and disability organisations were approved for the term 2024–2025:

Read more:

The action plan of Fimea’s patient advisory board for the term 2024-2025 (pdf, in Finnish)

Further information:

Kiviranta Päivi, Development Specialist, tel. +358 29 522 3522