Consumption of veterinary antimicrobials

Consumption of veterinary antimicrobials

Consumption of veterinary antimicrobials

Fimea has monitored the sales of veterinary antibiotics on the basis of statistics provided by pharmaceutical wholesalers since 1995. The detailed results have been compiled in the joint FINRES-Vet report of the Finnish Food Authority, Fimea and the University of Helsinki. The report also contains information on the development of antibiotic resistance in bacteria isolated from animals in Finland.

Total sales of veterinary antimicrobials have decreased by quarter in the 2010’s. Almost three quarters of the antibiotics are given to individual animals and the remaining quarter to animal groups. From the point of view of preventing antibiotic resistance, treatment of individual animals should be favoured whenever possible.

Injectable penicillin is by far the most sold veterinary antimicrobial in Finland. The next most sold ones are orally administered tetracyclines and the combination sulphonamide-trimethoprim. The sales of the reserve antibiotics (WHO’s list of antimicrobials critically important for human medicine, HPCIA)  for the medication of animals are very low in Finland.

FINRES-vet reports (Finnish Food Authority)

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