How are medicines supplied to users in Finland?

How are medicines supplied to users in Finland?

The task of the pharmaceutical company (= marketing authorisation holder) is to ensure that a medicinal product with marketing authorisation on the Finnish market is continuously available for the needs of pharmaceutical wholesalers, pharmacies, hospital pharmacies and dispensatories operating in Finland.

Pharmacies and dispensatories are responsible for pharmaceutical services in their own area. Pharmaceutical wholesalers, too, must ensure that they have adequate amounts of medicinal products in stock for supply to pharmacies, dispensatories and hospital pharmacies.

Fimea monitors the manufacturing and appropriate distribution of medicinal products on the market as well as the implementation of availability and user safety.

What to do if my medicine has run out of pharmacy

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A pharmacy can check whether the medicine you need is available for sale in Finland and whether it or an interchangeable medicine is available. If the medicine is not available at your local pharmacy and its wholesale dealer has also run out, you can look on the web search engines of individual pharmacies to find out if they have it in stock.


If your prescription medication threatens to run out during a temporary shortage, contact your treating physician to assess the need for replacement treatment.

Pharmaceutical company:

You can find out the duration of the shortage for your medicine on Fimea’s shortage search page. The information listed in the shortage search is based on the information provided by the pharmaceutical company. The listed duration of the shortage is based on the assessment of the pharmaceutical company and the pharmaceutical company is responsible for updating the duration of the shortage if changes occur. The pharmaceutical company is responsible for bringing the medicines on the market and market withdrawal.

If necessary, contact the pharmaceutical company for more information. For contact details, click on the name of the product in the shortage search list. It should be noted that a pharmaceutical company may also be located outside Finland (in another EU/EEA country).


If the medicine you need is not available, and no supply shortage is listed on Fimea's shortage search list, send a message to Fimea. Fimea will investigate the matter with the pharmaceutical company.

Please note the following:

  • Fimea is unable to influence the duration of shortages in the supply of medicines or to import medicines to Finland.

  • Fimea cannot normally disclose to third parties information covered by business and professional secrecy (for example, the causes of a supply shortage).

  • The shortage search list only contains medicines that are on the market in Finland.

  • Fimea does not comment on individual pharmacotherapies.