Ordering medicines online

Internet trade in medicines

How can I order medicines from a Finnish online pharmacy?

It is possible to order medicines from several Finnish online pharmacies. Products available include both over-the-counter and prescription-only medicines.

You need an electronic prescription to buy prescription drugs online. Legal online pharmacies do not sell prescription drugs without a prescription. When buying prescription drugs, the pharmacy will contact you to provide advice on the appropriate and safe use of the medicine. Advice should be available also when you purchase over-the-counter (OTC) drugs online.

Medicines bought in an online pharmacy are non-returnable.

How can I make sure that a Finnish online pharmacy is legal?

Visit the website to make sure that the online pharmacy is legal. You can recognise a legal online pharmacy from this logo on the website:

Logo for legitimate online pharmacies

Clicking on the logo should take you to Fimea’s website with a list of legal Finnish online pharmacies. Make sure that the address of the online pharmacy is the same as the address given on Fimea’s list.

Do not order any drugs from illegal online pharmacies.

A list of legal Finnish online pharmacies

Medicines from foreign online pharmacies?

You can receive medicines by post from the European Economic Area (EEA), with certain restrictions. Read about the restrictions that apply to the import of medicines. It is forbidden to receive medicines sent from outside the EEA.

Make sure that the foreign online pharmacy is legal. Characteristics of a legal online pharmacy include:

  • The common logo. Clicking on the logo will take you to the website of a national authority of the country where the online pharmacy operates. There you can verify whether it is legal (additional information is available on the European Medicines Agency website).

  • Extensive and detailed contact information on the website: a legal online pharmacy does not hide behind a vague email address or a contact form.

  • Extensive and appropriate terms of delivery

  • A prescription is required to buy prescription drugs

  • Appropriate information about the medicines and appropriate marketing

Links to national online pharmacy registers in the EEA can be found on the European Medicines Agency website.

Legal online pharmacies comply with the national legislation of the country they are established in. It is possible that they are only allowed to supply medicines to the country the online service is established in.

Do not order any drugs from illegal online services.