Fimea supervises and develops the pharmaceutical sector and promotes the sensible use of pharmaceuticals in order to enhance the health of the population.


Sustainable well-being through safe medicines and medicinal products combined with effective service.



  • We have an active role in national and international networks.
  • We produce knowledge to support decision-making.


  • We discover new insights and innovative
  • and sustainable practices.
  • We anticipate and develop.

Reliable and service-oriented

  • We serve our customers openly and ethically.
  • We keep our promises.


  • We pool our expertise to serve common objectives.
  • We value and support each other.

Our goals

Service-oriented expertise

  • We recognise our services and strengthen our processes.
  • We upgrade our service channels.
  • We strengthen the culture of service-oriented expertise and interaction with stakeholders.

Streamlined and enabling operating culture

  • We optimise our way of working to meet the needs of the future.
  • We define the principles of leadership.
  • We define objectives for the development of our personnel.

National and international effectiveness

  • We define objectives, policies and priorities for exerting influence nationally and internationally.
  • We are the primary source of medicinal information for the Finns.

Strategic framework

Internal drivers of change

  • Information sharing
  • Open collaboration with stakeholders
  • Convergence of marketing authorisation and HTA operations
  • Digitalisation
  • Time- and location-independent work
  • Concentration on core competencies

External drivers of change

  • Regressing Europe, growing East Asia
  • Unpredictability and proneness to crises
  • Globalisation, centralisation, polarisation
  • Crime and risks within the pharmaceutical sector
  • Empowerment of citizens
  • Flood of information

Drivers of change within the state

  • The Health Care Reform
  • Blurring of organisational boundaries
  • Openness, transparency, ethical operations, responsibility
  • Savings
  • Shared support services
  • Ministry of Finance, the state parent company
  • Independence from time and location

Technological drivers of change

  • 24/7 online world
  • Expensive advanced therapies
  • Preventive and curative pharmacotherapies
  • ATMP products, implants, diagnostics
  • Automated distribution of medicines
  • Technology and cyber security audits