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Operating under the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, the Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea oversees and develops the pharmaceutical sector.

Fimea controls that the medicinal products that are marketed and used in Finland comply with the requirements for efficacy, safety and quality. Fimea also regulates medical devices, blood and tissue products and biobanks. Fimea operates as a part of the European medicines regulatory network.

If you have any questions about your own medication, please contact your doctor or the health care unit. You can also ask questions at the pharmacy. Fimea cannot discuss the medication of individual patients.

This page describes the services that Fimea offers to citizens. Fimea also cooperates with patient associations.

What services does Fimea offer to citizens?

Fimea offers reliable and impartial information about medicines. The For public website contains information for the public about the appropriate use of medicines, the safety of medicines and falsified medicines, such as:

FimeaWeb search

FimeaWeb is a free-of-charge search service where you can search for information on human and veterinary medicines. FimeaWeb covers all medicinal products that have a marketing authorisation in Finland. In FimeaWeb, you can find package leaflets that contain information about the medicine and its appropriate use. You can also find information about the marketing of a product and possible temporary shortages.

Adverse drug event report

Information about adverse effects of drugs and vaccines observed in Finland is collected into Fimea's Adverse Reaction Register as part of drug safety monitoring. Users of medicines can also report suspected adverse effects to Fimea.

Monitoring of medicinal product advertising

If you object to something in medicinal product advertising, you can submit an initiative to Fimea. It is forbidden to market prescription drugs directly to consumers or promote unnecessary use of medicines, for example.

  • Initiatives related to medicinal product advertising should be sent to Fimea Registrar's office ([email protected]).

Pharmacy supervision

Fimea is responsible for pharmacy supervision. You can make a comment about the operation of a pharmacy to Fimea. All comments are reviewed and taken into consideration in the planning of surveillance measures. Fimea does not necessarily contact the person who made the comment.

Please note the following when making a comment on the operation of a pharmacy:

  • Identify the pharmacy in question (e.g. address and town).

  • Describe the content of the comment and the related events.

  • Indicate if the comment may be shown to the proprietary pharmacist, i.e. the person running the pharmacy. If yes, indicate if the name you have provided can be shown to the pharmacy owner. Please note: If you do not give permission for revealing the comment and/or the name, they may be revealed in connection with processing the matter. Based on the Act on the Openness of Government Activities (621/1999), the pharmacy owner may have the right to receive information about the content of the comment (including the identity of the person who made the comment). Fimea makes decisions on information requests based on the Act on the Openness of Government Activities.

  • Comments should be sent to the Registrar's office ([email protected] or through secure connection to:, mark “[email protected]” as the recipient, if your message contains confidential or otherwise sensitive information).

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