Inspection process

EN Suljetun käytön tarkastusprosessi

An inspection can be conducted remotely, on-site or in written form. Written inspection procedure can be used if the operator has undergone an earlier inspection, and if the supervisory authority evaluates that this would be sufficient from the point of view of supervision. The extent and details of the inspection can vary case by case.

During the inspection the operator should be prepared to answer questions that are connected to the following topics:

  • Contact information of the operator and the persons in charge
  • The organisms that are used
  • Risk assessment
  • Keeping a record of the use
  • Premises and their floor plans
  • Containment and protective measures
  • Waste management
  • Operation and rescue plan 
  • Dangerous situations and deviations related to GMO activities
  • Training of personnel

After the inspection the inspector submits an inspection report to the operator that includes possible comments and required additional measures.