Development of medicines information

Development of medicines information

The Finnish Medicines Agency (Fimea) compiles, produces, evaluates and distributes evidence-based impartial information on medicines to the general public, to social welfare and health care professionals, and for the needs of public decision-making. Fimea is also responsible for the long-term planning and coordination of national medicines information practices.

“The Medicine User at the Centre of Medicines Information – National Medicines Information Strategy 2021–2026”, prepared by Fimea in collaboration with its stakeholders, serves as the basis of these operations. The strategy is a continuation to Finland’s first medicines information strategy published in 2012.

The medicines information strategy highlights the significance of medicine user’s up-to-date information about their medication and of ensuring their involvement in the implementation of rational pharmacotherapy. In addition, the strategy addresses the development and dissemination of user-oriented medicines information targeted at medicine users and social welfare and health care professionals alike.  The pharmacotherapy competence of social welfare and health care professionals is also a necessary precondition for safe medicinal treatment. The strategy outlines the measures that will be implemented by the National Medicines Information Network during 2021‒2026.

Medicines information is defined as research-based information on medicines and pharmacotherapies and pharmaceutical advice that supports their rational use. Medicines information is produced for consumers and social welfare and health care professionals as part of the core operations of the pharmaceutical industry, authorities and patient associations. Up-to-date information about the medicines used by a medicine user is maintained by the medicine user in their list of medicines and entered in the patient information system by a social welfare and health care professional. Medicines information is disseminated not only in an interactive discussion between a social welfare and health care professional and a medicine user, but also in written form or via electronic services.

EN Lääkeinformaation kehittäminen ja Lääkeinformaatioverkoston materiaalit (Lisätietoa)

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