Ensure the safety of your medication

Ensure safety of medicine

There are many ways to ensure the safe use of a medicine. Discuss the following issues with your doctor or a nurse – or when visiting a pharmacy.

  • To receive the right kind of treatment, do not be shy to tell about any discomforts and sensations you have.
  • Make an up-to-date list of medicines. Record all the prescription you are using in the list, along with any over-the-counter medicines and food supplements. Keep the list up to date and with you at all times. The My Kanta service displays your prescriptions and the dispensed medicines. If you are not taking all of them, ask your doctor to update the information. Read instructions on how to prepare and update a list of medicines.
  • Ask why you are taking a medicine. It is important to know why you are taking each medicine and what condition they are for. Read more about monitoring your medication
  • Tell how you have treated yourself and whether the medicines you are taking have helped you.
  • Ask the person treating you if you have any concerns about the use of the medicine. You can also ask your pharmacy about medicines. Always make sure that you understood everything correctly.
  • Consult your doctor to agree on your medication. Do not plan or change your medication by yourself.
  • Only use the medicines prescribed for you. Always consult a professional.
  • Discuss the price of the medicine with your doctor. Your pharmacy will also give you advice on prices.
  • Also ask about other suitable medicines and treatments and the associated benefits and disadvantages.
  • Make sure that you know who you should contact if you feel ill or want to discuss your medication.

Instructions for the safe use of medicines contains important instructions.

You can use a “LOTTA” checklist (in Finnish) to see if your medication is in order. The checklist is meant for over 65-year-old patients. If you answer several questions “yes” or “I cannot say” or if you have any questions about the checklist, please contact a pharmacy, doctor or nurse.

Print the “LOTTA” checklist or the guide on the safe use of medicines

Instructions for the safe use of medicines

“LOTTA” checklist – 8 questions about your medication (PDF)

Instructions for filling in the “LOTTA” checklist (PDF)

“LOTTA” checklist, printed version (PDF)