E-invoice address

Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea

EDI code: 003709215366
Posti Messaging Ltd's operator code: FI28768767
Business ID: 0921536-6
VAT number: FI09215366

The Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea will only accept invoices that are compliant with the European Standard (EN 16931). If, for a justified reason, a company is unable to send an invoice in accordance with the European Standard within the required time frame, a separate agreement on a transition period must already be made with the agency in connection with the preparation of the order or contract. However, all invoices must always meet the mandatory invoice data content requirements specified in the Value Added Tax Act.

Fimea complies with the order of the State Treasury and uses a 21-day payment term in tenders, contracts and orders. Further information on invoice requirements is available on the State Treasury's website (valtiokonttori.fi/en/).

Inquiries concerning invoicing by email to [email protected]


Fimea invoices its customers for marketing authorisation and variation applications, and for the permit and notification fees of clinical trials. The invoice will be sent as soon as the application has been accepted for processing. Fimea is entitled to issue an additional invoice or credit note if anything is discovered during the processing of the application that affects the amount of the application fee.

Customer data reporting form

Any changes to the invoicing details must be notified to [email protected]