Open positions

Open positions

Working at Fimea

A typical Fimea employee works in an expert position with pharmaceutical products or medical devices. Work tasks include assessing the efficacy, safety and quality of products or supervising research, manufacture and distribution.

At Fimea, you will be able to follow and influence the development of the pharmaceutical sector. We play an active role in the pharmaceutical sector both nationally and internationally. We are actively involved in the European Medicines Regulatory Network.

We work at multiple locations and promote flexible work by providing modern tools and a virtual working environment to our personnel. 

Fimea supports the work ability and coping of its employees: 

  • with flexible working hours
  • with the possibility of remote work
  • with supported lunchtime meals
  • with comprehensive occupational health care
  • with physical activity and well-being benefits
  • with an opportunity to develop one's own competence
  • with modern tools and facilities

How to apply to work for us

You can find our vacancies on the website, where you can submit an application. The application period for out vacancies is always at least 14 days. We also publish information on our vacancies on our website. 

In central government, all permanent posts and fixed-term employment relationships for more than two years are filled through a public application procedure, which is why we can only take open applications into consideration to a limited extent. However, if you want to submit an open application, you can also do so on the website.



Several trainees work for us each year, especially in the pharmaceutical sector and in support tasks. We will provide information on our traineeship vacancies on the website. Most traineeships will take place in the summer months and vacancies will be open for application at the beginning of the year.

Visit also Fimea's LinkedIn-site.