Organisaatio etusivu

Fimea has three core roles based on its duties prescribed by law.

1. A public service agency providing services to the business community

Fimea’s marketing authorisation system is designed to ensure that all medicinal products available in the Finnish pharmaceuticals markets for human and veterinary use meet the requirements set for them in terms of safety, efficacy and quality.

Fimea issues licenses and other permits to medicinal product manufacturers, wholesalers and pharmacies. We conduct inspections to ensure that the medicinal products available in the Finnish markets are correctly manufactured and distributed, readily available, and safe to use.

2. A regulatory and supervisory agency

Fimea fosters novel drug development and drug research in Finland through regulation and  supervision.

3. A development agency

Fimea produces and provides healthcare professionals, medicine users and the general public with unbiased and current information on medicines and their use. We study and assess the therapeutic and economic value of medicines and coordinate drug research in the pharmaceutical sector in order to contribute to decision-making in society.


Fimea's headquarters are in Kuopio. Fimea also has offices in Helsinki, Tampere, Turku and Oulu.

Fimea's operations are divided into four areas of responsibility, under which the operating entities are grouped: Marketing authorisations, Safety and effectiveness, Supervision and availability and Joint services. In addition, Development and Information Services and Communications Services operate directly under the director general.