Fimea publishes information on medicines and on their use for health care professionals in its publication series and in separate publications.

All Fimea publications can be found in Julkari, a joint open publication archive of the administrative branch of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

Fimea's regulations, instructions and decisions can be found in the Legislation section at Fimea's website.

The Sic! Online magazine can be found at!

The Sic! Is an online magazine published by Fimea for healthcare professionals, other pharmaceutical operators and stakeholders. It's for everyone to read free. The newly published content will be discussed in more detail in a newsletter which you can subscribe to by filling in an order form on Fimea's website (the newsletter will be published in Finnish).

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The Finnish Statistics on Medicines

The Finnish Statistics on Medicines is published jointly by the Finnish Medicines Agency (Fimea) and the Social Insurance Institution (Kela). It is a comprehensive annual summary on the use, consumption and costs of medicines in Finland.

The latest statistics

Finnish Statistics on Medicines 2022 (

Finnish Statistics on Medicines 2021 (

Finnish Statistics on Medicines 2020 (

Serial Publication “Fimea Develops, Assesses and Informs” 

The summaries of the reports are available in English.

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