Nordic collaboration (FINOSE)


FINOSE is a HTA collaboration network between Fimea (Finland), NoMA (Norway) and TLV (Sweden).  In practice, the co-operation means that the three agencies will write joint assessment reports for pharmaceutical products that contain both relative clinical and health economic assessments. If there is an available joint relative effectiveness assessment report from EUnetHTA, that can be used as ground for a joint health economic analysis between Fimea, NoMA and TLV.

Pharmaceutical companies who have a new, but not yet authorized, medicinal product may contact any of the three agencies to discuss about the possibility for conducting a joint FINOSE assessment for the medicinal product in a certain indication. If a company chooses to participate FINOSE, it should send a submission file or equivalent health economic documentation to all three agencies. The company shall also sign the waiver of confidentiality to make it possible for the three agencies to share information between agencies. After the joint assessment, national decisions or recommendations will be made in each country, following national rules and regulations.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to start and formalize the co-operation has been signed by the Director Generals of Fimea, NoMA and TLV in September 2017.

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