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Online reporting of adverse drug reactions to be renewed

7.12.2023 | Published in English on 7.12.2023 at 16.07

Fimea’s renewed online service for reporting adverse reactions opens on Friday 8 December 2023. 

The new online service brings the forms for reporting adverse reactions for both human and veterinary medicines in one service. On the start page, the user selects whether they are submitting an adverse reaction report for a human or veterinary medicine. The new online service is accessed with strong Suomi.fi identification by using a mobile certificate, online banking codes or a certificate card.  

In the renewed online service, each user can view a list of the reports they have sent. Each report also has a unique identification number. The online service will be improved and developed based on user feedback. This user-oriented approach ensures that the service meets users’ needs and expectations in the best way possible.

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