Product-specific risk minimisation material

Product-specific risk minimisation material (uusi)

The risk management plans for medicinal products often include additional risk minimisation materials (educational materials, instructions for physicians and patients, patient charts, checklists etc.).

The content and dissemination of such product-specific risk management materials are agreed with the marketing authorisation holder of the medicinal product and Fimea. The marketing authorisation holder holds copyrights to the materials and is responsible for the content and dissemination of the material.

Instructions for the submission of product-specific risk minimisation material (pdf)

Combined hormonal contraceptives (CHCs)
Checklist for prescribers_CHCs 15.5.2019 (pdf)
Patient information card_CHCs 15.5.2019 (pdf)
Questions and answers on combined hormonal contraceptives_CHCs 15.5.2019

Gliolan (5-Aminolevulinic acid hydrochloride)
Training manual for Health Care Professionals_Gliolan 29.8.2022 (pdf)

Humira (adalimumab)
Patient card for adults_Humira 12.4.2021 (pdf)
Patient card for children_Humira 12.4.2021 (pdf)

Keytruda (pembrolitsumab)
​​​​​​​Patient card_Keytruda 2.11.2023 (pdf)

Lariam (mefloquine)
Patient card_Lariam 25.2.2019 (pdf)

Lariam (mefloquine) Paranova
Patient card_Lariam 4.12.2023 (pdf)

Locametz (gallium(68Ga) gotsetotidi)
Training manual for Health Care Professionals_Locametz 17.5.2023 (pdf)

Myozyme (alglucosidase alfa)
Safety Information Packet (SIP)_Myozyme 4.3.2021 (pdf)

Olumiant (baricitinib)
Patient card_Olumiant 27.3.2023 (pdf)

Rinvoq (upadacitinib)
Patient card_Rinvoq 14.8.2023 (pdf)

Tysabri (natalizumab)
Patient card_Tysabri 2.9.2021 (pdf)

Venclyxto (venetoclax)
​​​​​​​Patient card_Venclyxto published 27.3.2024 (pdf)

Yuflyma (adalimumabi)
Patient alert card for adults_Yuflyma 18.8.2023 (pdf)
​​​​​​​Patient alert card for children_Yuflyma 18.8.2023 (pdf)