Pharmacy licences

Pharmacy licences

Under section 40 of the Medicines Act, the operation of a pharmacy business requires a licence (pharmacy licence) issued by Fimea.
The conditions under which a pharmacy licence may be granted according to the section 43 of the Medicines Act are as follows:
"The Finnish Medicines Agency grants a pharmacy licence from several applicants to the applicant who can be considered to have the overall best prerequisites for operating a pharmacy business. In the assessment of the prerequisites, the applicant's activities in pharmacies and other pharmaceutical services, including the date on which any previous decision on a pharmacy licence became legally valid, the date on which the applicant  started operating their previous pharmacy business, as well as studies, management skills and other activities pertinent to operating a pharmacy business must be taken into account.“ 
A pharmacy licence can only be granted to a licensed pharmacist.
"A pharmacy licence can only be granted to a licensed pharmacist. Another prerequisite is that they have not been declared bankrupt, have not been assigned a guardian, have not been restricted in their functional capacity and have not been convicted by a final judgment of an offence that is essential for pharmacy operations.“ 
"The assessment also takes into account serious or repeated non-compliance by the applicant with legislation or official regulations in the pharmacy operations or other business operations or when acting as a health care professional.”

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